143de853-67d5-4b62-bfc5-7f96e06dcca4With more businesses moving into our neighborhood, more visitors will be strolling our downtown to experience the museums, sculptures, restaurants, unique shops, entertainment, etc.  Downtown Terre Haute Inc. wants to exhibit a clean attractive atmosphere for each patron with the take away that the Terre Haute community really cares about its visitors and their experiences while in our downtown.

When you support the Streetscapes: Adopt a Planter Box program, you are helping Downtown Terre Haute Inc show our visitors and residents how much our community values our downtown!

Planter boxes can be adopted for your business, organization, family, in memory, sports team, or anything else you can think of!
To find out more about adopting a planter box email Pam Chamberlain at info@downtownterrehaute.org
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